I have just started out on Instagram and I am pretty #obsessed (which is more than I can say for the world of Twitter).  Whenever Craig catches me taking a photo now he is quick to remark that I am ‘living that Instagram life’; particularly if I have rearranged the house, put out some flowers and I am standing on a chair with iPhone in hand stretching my arm as far as it will go in order to get that shot (which is almost inevitably crap).

I did create another Instagram account some time ago and used to post on it fairly regularly.  I would add photos of anything really, ya know the photos of me watching telly and shit, which probably didn’t really need to be documented let alone shared with the world.

Since starting this blog however I have a new found love for Instagram and created a separate account alongside this ye blog here.  There are so many beautiful accounts and feeds and I am only just learning how much better those feeds look when the pictures are cohesive (I have a long way to go).  I know that some people are very strict when it comes to Instagram, they edit their photos meticulously, will never post two landscape pictures together and only feature the colour blue or something along those lines.  Whilst I can’t commit to anything as restrictive as that, I quickly realised I do want my feed to be made up of photos that are at least of similar appearance, as there is no denying it, those types of feeds are just easier on the eye.

That being said, this does mean there are lots of photos and little snippets of my life that don’t quite fit into my Instagram feed and won’t see the light of the day.

Therefore I thought I would begin a monthly feature of the photos that didn’t cut the Insta mustard.

So now I’ve babbled on enough, here are the December and January photos that weren’t quite insta-worthy or don’t fit my ‘Instagram life’ as Craig would say…

You can find me on Instagram here.